Full Print Bunny Knit Dog Sweater

Color: Blue


Size: XS

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  • Knitted fabric
 Size Chest(cm) Back length(cm)
XS 32 20
S 37 25
M 42 30
L 47 35
XL 52 38


🐇Charming Rabbit Embroidery: Elevate your pet's style with this charming knit dog sweater featuring an enchanting rabbit embroidery for a unique and delightful look.

cute dog sweaters

🌟Knitted Warmth: Embrace the winter chill with this soothing sky blue-hued sweater, perfect for keeping your furry friend snug and stylish during colder seasons.

cute dog sweaters

🐾Comfortable Elastic Fit: Designed with an elastic round collar, this knit dog sweater offers a snug yet comfortable fit around your pet's shoulders, ensuring optimal comfort.

🐕Tailored Shoulder Design: This knit dog sweater's elasticity accommodates various shoulder widths, offering an ideal fit for your pet while ensuring freedom of movement.

cute dog sweaters

🧣Soft and Stretchy Cuffs: Gentle and stretchy elastic cuffs provide a comfortable and cozy fit around your pet's forelegs, ensuring warmth and comfort.

cute dog sweaters

🍂Ideal for Fall & Winter: Keep your pet warm and fashionable in this soft and stretchy knit dog sweater, perfect for the colder seasons.

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