Luxury Wooden Cat Tree


Size: 170*60*40cm


Material: Wood

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Material: Pine log / Twine



    🌴Sturdy Wooden Structure:  Crafted from whole logs of premium New Zealand pine, our cat tree is extra sturdy and durable. 

    🌈Low-Maintenance Natural Material: Designed with the quality of your life in mind, the natural wood material is resistant to fur sticking, making it easy to clean and maintain. These are the kind of sturdy cat trees every pet owner dreams of.

    🌅Playful Design for Feline Fun: With platforms strategically placed to match your cat's natural movements. This cat tree is more than just furniture – it's a play zone, providing quality entertainment for your furry friend.

    🐱Cozy Cradle for Kitty Leisure: The addition of a cradle offers your cat a delightful space for self-amusement, meeting the need for quality cat trees that prioritize your pet's enjoyment.

    🌙Starry Nights Decor: Enhancing aesthetics, the hollowed-out star, and moon designs not only add charm but also make this cat tree a beautiful piece of pet-friendly decor. Invest in this piece – a masterpiece among nice, quality, and sturdy cat trees. 🌟🐾

    For more information, please contact lovepetin support.