Magic Box Cat Interactive Toys

Magic Box Cat Interactive Toys

Color: Purple

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Magic Box Cat Interactive Toys


🔌Intelligent and Convenient: The toy box is equipped with a Type-C charging port for easy and convenient charging, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

🦄Smart Sensor Activation: The toy box features intelligent sensors that detect your cat's movements, automatically starting and stopping the toy to keep your cat engaged and entertained.

🍎Multiple Openings: With seven openings, the toy box stimulates your cat's natural instincts, allowing them to chase, pounce, and explore, providing endless fun.

🥥Durable ABS Resin Material: Made from high-quality ABS resin, the toy box is built to withstand rough play and is resistant to impact, ensuring long-lasting durability.

🐱Multi-Cat Play: The spacious design of the toy box allows multiple cats to play together, promoting social interaction and bonding among your furry friends.

🍭Safe and Reliable: The toy box is crafted with your cat's safety in mind, using non-toxic materials to ensure a secure and worry-free playtime experience.

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