Magnetic Custom Pet Stickers

Custom: One Head - Big Head Magnetic Fridge Stickers

One Head - Big Head Magnetic Fridge Stickers
One Full Body - Full Body Magnetic Fridge Stickers
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How to place an order?

🐱Please upload a clear, front-facing photo of your beloved pet.

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🐕Once the photo is confirmed, production takes 7-10 business days.

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  • Acrylic
 Size Height(cm)
One head 5
Full body 6.5


🐾 Custom Pet Stickers: Elevate your daily life with these thoughtful, playful additions.

Custom Pet Stickers
🎨 DIY Personalization: Add a touch of uniqueness to your space! Embrace creativity with these vibrant and eye-catching stickers.

🌟 Freshen Up Your Space: Transform the mundane into something delightful! These magnetic stickers infuse a sense of novelty into your everyday routine, giving life a playful edge.

Custom Pet Stickers
🎈 Protective and Vibrant: Crafted from high-quality acrylic material, these stickers offer both protection and vivid, eye-catching colors.

🏠 Charming Fridge Decor: Turn your refrigerator into a canvas of memories! These heartwarming stickers serve as charming decorations, commemorating your special bond with your pets.

Custom Pet Stickers

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