Moonlight Cat Tree

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  • Sisal rope 
  • Composite fleece

Size: 60*48*168cm


✨Multiple Layers to Climb and Play: Elevate your cat's playtime with the chic cat tree. Its multi-layered design offers various opportunities for climbing, exploration, and play. Each level serves a unique purpose, from a cozy lookout on top to a lower level featuring a sisal rope cat tree for scratching.

luxury cat trees

🧸Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this cat tree ensures durability, making it perfect for even the most active and playful cats. The luxury cat tree promises a stable and secure environment for your feline friend.

🥝Soft and Comfortable: Covered with plush material, the cat tree provides a soft and comfortable space for your cat to rest and relax, combining functionality with luxury.

🍤Provides Exercise and Stimulation: This cat tower promotes exercise and mental stimulation, enhancing your cat's overall health and well-being through its thoughtfully designed layers and functions.

🍙Scratching Posts for Healthy Paws: The lower level features scratching boards, promoting healthy paws and preventing damage to furniture. Invest in this chic cat tree for a stylish and beneficial addition to your cat's environment.

cat tree stylish

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