Multi-functional Teething Dog Toy Ball

Color: Green&Yellow

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  • PP plastic +Cotton rope


  • 14.5*14.5*14.1cm


🍓Interactive Play: Engage in interactive playtime with your furry friend using our multi-functional dog toy ball.

dog ball toy
🔔Dental Care: The dog toy ball helps promote dental hygiene by effectively grinding your dog's teeth while they play.

🥑Fly Disc Training: Flatten the ball into a flying disc shape for fun and exciting fly disc training sessions with your dog.

dog ball toys
🐕Rope Attachment: The interactive dog toy features a durable rope that surrounds it, serving as a tug-of-war toy to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

🌈Enhance Bonding: Enjoy quality time with your dog as you play tug-of-war together, fostering a stronger connection and enhancing the bond between you.

dog ball toy
🥑Easy to Use: Our teething dog toys are designed for convenience, simply flatten it and place it in your bag for easy storage and portability.

🍓Versatile Design: This multi-functional dog toy ball provides various play options, making it a versatile and enjoyable toy for your canine companion.

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