Newspaper Rattle Sound Dog Toy

Style: Newspaper

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  • Surface : Fabric layer.
  • Resonant: Paper interlayer


  • 26*18.5cm


🐾 Interactive and Engaging: Elevate playtime with our Newspaper Rattle Sound Dog Toy, designed for interactive engagement that keeps your dog entertained and active.

sound dog toy
💪 Durable Chew Toy: Constructed to endure your dog's chewing habits, this dog toy guarantees long-lasting durability and entertainment.

🎶 Crisp Crinkle Sound: Filled with thin crinkle paper, this interactive dog toy produces an enticing sound that captivates your dog's attention, making playtime more enjoyable.

sound dog toy
🧸 Soft Fabric Exterior: The dog toy's fabric surface is gentle and safe, providing a comfortable texture for your dog to play with for extended periods.

🚫 Safe and Pet-Friendly: Crafted from non-toxic and safe materials, this interactive dog toy ensures a secure and harmless playing experience for your beloved pet.

sound dog toy
🛠️ Longevity in Design: With a sturdy build, this sound dog toy remains intact even after extended play and rigorous chewing, making it a lasting addition to your dog's toy collection.

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