Cute Puppy Pattern Pet Bowl

Color: Pink


Style: Single bowl

Single bowl
Double Bowl
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  • Bamboo fiber
 Single bowl: 12 cm
Double Bowl: 12 cm/10.5cm


🌵Eco-friendly and Durable: Made from bamboo fiber, this pet bowl is environmentally friendly, sturdy, and long-lasting, ensuring it withstands daily use without compromising its quality.

pet bowl

🍇Odorless and Safe: The pet bowl is free from any unpleasant odors and is safe for your pet to use, providing them with a clean and hygienic dining experience.

🥛Anti-Slip Bottom Strip: The pet food bowl is designed with an anti-slip bottom strip, preventing it from sliding or tipping over during mealtime and ensuring stability for your pet.

pet bowl

🐕Cute Dog Pattern: The pet food bowl features an adorable dog pattern on the bottom, adding a charming touch to the overall design and delighting pet owners.

🦄Versatile Use: This bamboo fiber pet bowl can be used for both food and water, providing a convenient and practical solution for your pet's feeding needs.

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