Acrylic Floating Ceramic Pet Feeding Bowls Stand

Color: White with Stand

White with Stand
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  • Acrylic (loanword)
  • Ceramic


🧊Elevated Dining Elegance: Experience the sophistication of our pet-feeding bowls-stand. Crafted from a special frosted material, it radiates a gentle glow in the sunlight, enhancing durability while seamlessly complementing various furniture styles.

Acrylic Floating Ceramic Pet Feeding Bowls Stand

🥄Sturdy Glamour: Our elevated pet bowl boasts an 8mm thick structure, ensuring stability and resistance to spills. Its versatile design not only adds aesthetic charm to any setting but also transforms your pet's mealtime into a ceremonial affair.

raised pet bowl

🎴Neck-Friendly Design: At a scientifically optimized height of 11cm, our raised pet bowl prioritizes your pet's well-being. It supports proper digestion and offers a comfortable dining experience, eliminating mealtime fatigue.

raised pet bowl

🎡Premium Ceramic Assurance: Crafted from high-quality ceramic, the pet-feeding-bowls-stand features a smooth glazed surface. This not only enhances its elegance but also prevents bacterial residue, maintaining a clean dining space and preventing black chin syndrome.

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