Cute Embroidered Plush Dog Toy Ball

Color: Dog

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  • Plush Fabric


  • Diameter 15 cm


🍓Durable and Chew-Resistant: Our plush dog ball toys are designed specifically for dogs, providing them with a long-lasting and satisfying chewing experience.

dog toy ball

🔔Built-in Bells for Added Fun: With an internal bell, our dog toy ball emits an exciting sound with every movement, capturing your furry friend's attention and keeping them entertained for hours.

dog toy ball

🥑Vibrant and Adorable Designs: Featuring eye-catching color combinations and charming embroidered patterns, our interactive dog ball toy is not only a playtime essential but also a cute addition to your dog's toy collection.

dog toy ball

🐕Safe and Eco-Friendly Materials: We prioritize your dog's safety, which is why our interactive dog ball toy is made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.

🌈Promotes Dental Health: The textured surface of our dog toy ball helps clean your dog's teeth and gums while they chew, promoting good dental hygiene and reducing tartar buildup.

plush ball dog toy

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