Colorful Popsicle Shape Pet Cooling Mat

Color: Iridescent

Strawberry Milk

Size: S (Suitable for pets within 20KG)

S (Suitable for pets within 20KG)
M (Suitable for pets within 30KG)
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  • Polymer cooling gel
  • Polyester fiber
 Size L*W(cm)
S 77*44cm


🐾Instant Pet Cooling Mat: Provide your pets with instant relief from the heat with our quick-cooling pet cooling mat, engineered to combat high temperatures.

🍦Adorable Popsicle Design: The delightful popsicle-shaped pet cooling mat not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a playful visual element.

pet cooling mat

🌈Efficient Gel Cooling: Our pet cooling mat boasts a generous layer of cooling gel that efficiently dissipates heat.

🥥Durable PVC Surface: Designed with flexible PVC fabric, this unique pet cooling mat is not only comfortable but also waterproof, moisture-resistant, and resilient against wear and tear.

🍃Easy-to-Clean Design: Maintenance is effortless—simply wipe down the pet cooling mat to keep it clean, maintaining a hygienic space for your beloved pets.

pet cooling mat
🍨Double-Sided Design: With reversible printing on both sides, you can switch up the look while continuing to provide your pets with the cooling benefits they need. Versatility at its finest!

🍺Built to Last: Featuring a solid gel construction, this best pet cooling mat is highly durable, resistant to scratches, and safe for both cats and dogs.

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