Rainbow Twist Dog Rope Toys

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Color: Candy

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  • Polyester fiber


  • 41*9.5*5cm


🌈Rainbow Twisted Candy Design: Our plush dog rope toy showcases a delightful and vibrant rainbow twisted candy shape, injecting a burst of color into your dog's toy collection.

Rainbow Twist Dog Rope Toys 3

🐕Durable Rope Knot for Chewing: Equipped with a sturdy rope knot, this dog rope toy is perfect for dogs inclined towards chewing, promoting healthy dental habits and lasting play.

Rainbow Twist Dog Rope Toys 1

🎀PP Cotton Filling for Extra Cushioning: Filled with PP cotton, this toy ensures a plush and cushioned texture, ideal for dogs to cuddle and enjoy comforting playtime moments.

🔈Interactive Squeaker Inside: Featuring an internal squeaker, our interactive dog rope toy adds an element of excitement, engaging your dog's natural hunting instincts during play.

Rainbow Twist Dog Rope Toys 2

🍬Safe and Pet-Friendly: Engineered with non-toxic materials and durable construction, our dog rope toy prioritizes your pet's safety, offering worry-free play for both you and your furry companion.

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