Sisal Real Wood Cat Tree Climbing Frame


Size: 59*39*74cm

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  • Fruitwood lumber
  • Peach fuzz
  • Sisal rope
  • Rattan grass


  • 59*39*74cm


 🌿 Natural Elegance: Immerse your cat in the beauty of a real wood cat tree crafted from solid wood and sisal. This cat climbing tree for cats brings the essence of the outdoors indoors, providing a touch of wilderness to your cat's environment.

wood cat tree

🎭 Versatile Play Haven: Delight in the myriad play possibilities offered by this wood cat tree, including an observation tower, sisal-wrapped climbing posts, a cat house with a jumping platform, and more. The dual-layered structure facilitates unimpeded vertical movement.

🏡 Spacious and Comfortable: The multi-level design features various nooks and crannies, offering ample space for your cat's activities. This unique structure accommodates multiple cats, allowing them to engage freely in their favorite pastimes without any hindrance.

wood cat tree

🛋️ Easy Maintenance: Enjoy the convenience of an independent cushion design that allows for effortless removal and washing, promoting cleanliness and hygiene. The sisal wrapping not only ensures durability and resistance to scratching but also adds a visually appealing texture to enhance your cat's climbing experience.

🌈 Stylish and Secure: Revel in the stylish and secure design of the real wood cat tree, boasting a stable structure with a natural solid wood base. The sisal-wrapped posts provide a secure grip and a visually pleasing texture.

wood cat tree

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