Pet Massage Bath Brush
Pet Massage Bath Brush
Pet Massage Bath Brush
Pet Massage Bath Brush

Pink Soft Rubber Cat Bath Brush

Color: Pink

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Material: AS Resin, Rubber Elastomer

Weight: 72 g

Size: 9*7.5*7 cm


🌟 Relaxing Massage: Our cat bath brush offers a unique combination of relaxation and cleanliness. It provides a soothing and relaxing massage experience for your furry friend.

🛁 Deep Cleansing Delight: This versatile cat grooming tool is more than just a pet bath brush; it's your cat's deep-cleansing companion. 

😻 Promotes Healthy Skin: The gentle massage action of our cat massage brush stimulates blood circulation, leading to a healthier, nourished skin for your beloved pet.

🌈 Promotes Relaxation: The gentle massage helps calm and relax your pet, transforming bath time into a more enjoyable experience.

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