Latex Ring Dog Chew Toy

Color: Orange



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Material: EVA

 Size Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Weight
M 18cm 11.2cm 58g
L 27.1cm 18.7cm 185g


🍒 Rugged Latex Construction: Our dog chew toy meticulously crafted from latex. This resilient material ensures prolonged chewing pleasure, making it the epitome of a durable dog chew toy. 

Latex Ring Dog Chew Toy2

🍉 Interactive Ring Design: Elevate playtime to new heights with our interactive ring design. The circular shape not only promotes physical activity but also encourages engaging play.

🌟 High Visibility Colors: The bright and vibrant hues not only make the toy aesthetically pleasing but also ensure easy detection, catering to the preferences of both dogs and owners alike.

Latex Ring Dog Chew Toy3

🐾 Pet-Safe Assurance: Prioritize your pet's safety with non-toxic materials. Our safe dog chew toys are formulated to be free from harmful substances, ensuring a worry-free play experience.

🌈 Easy Maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free cleaning with the toy's smooth surface. This ensures a hygienic and fresh plaything for your pet, allowing for repeated use without compromise.

Latex Ring Dog Chew Toy1

💎 Entertainment and Stress Relief: Our toy serves as an effective boredom alleviator and stress-reliever. Keep your canine companion mentally stimulated, minimizing undesirable behaviors for a happier, healthier pet.

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