Robot Shaped Side Table Cat Bed


Opening direction: Left up & Right down

Left up & Right down
Right up & Left down
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  • Birch boards
  • Velvet cushion
  • Acrylic board


🚪Versatile Feline Haven: Introducing our multifunctional cat cave beds—a chic addition doubling as a side table cat bed, providing both you and your cat independent spaces in style.

🐾Dual-Opening Design: Satisfy every angle with the dual-opening feature, allowing flexible placement options to seamlessly integrate into your living space.

🤖Robotic Charm with Double Decks: Experience comfort and cuteness with the robot-shaped design, offering a playful aesthetic. The double-deck structure accommodates multiple cats, providing ample space for their playful antics.

🧺Curved Elegance: Embrace sophistication with curved craftsmanship and large rounded corners. The intermediate openings create a playground for your cat's vertical exploration, offering a delightful and accessible space for them to climb and play.

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