Sisal Feather Cat Scratching Pad
Sisal Feather Cat Scratching Pad
Sisal Feather Cat Scratching Pad
Sisal Feather Cat Scratching Pad

Sisal Feather Cat Scratching Pad

Style: Cat

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  • Feathers
  • bouncy balls
  • natural sisal


πŸ• Natural and Durable Sisal: Elevate your cat's scratching experience with our Sisal Feather Cat Scratcher Toy. Crafted from natural sisal, renowned for its durability, it provides a reliable and long-lasting scratching surface for your feline friend.

πŸ₯ͺ Native Feathers + Elastic Ball: Experience the perfect blend of scratching and play with our innovative scratching pad. The addition of native feathers and an elastic ball ensures an interactive and engaging experience for your cat.

🌯 Promotes Healthy Claw Maintenance: Encourage healthy scratching habits as the textured sisal surface helps maintain your cat's claws. Let them scratch and condition their nails, promoting their overall well-being.

🍚 Space-Saving Hanging Rope Design: Optimize your space with the scratching pad's convenient hanging rope design. Easily suspend it without taking up valuable floor space, whether on a doorknob or other suitable areas.

πŸ› Versatile Entertainment: Our Sisal Feather Cat Scratching Pad not only serves as a reliable scratcher for cats but also offers interactive play. The included feathers and elastic ball will captivate your cat's attention, ensuring endless entertainment.

🍲 Easy to Install: Setting up your cat's new scratching and play area is a breeze. Simply hang the scratching pad using the attached rope, allowing your cat to indulge in their new favorite pastime immediately.

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