Snail Scratching Board
Snail Scratching Board
Snail Scratching Board
Snail Scratching Board

Snail Cat Scratching Board

Style: Snail


Size: 53.5*45*25cm

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  • Corrugared Paper
  • Solid Wood
  • Sisal


  • 45*53.5*25cm


🐱4-in-1 Sisal Column Scratching Board: Introducing our Snail Cat Scratching Board, designed with four sturdy sisal columns to cater to your cat's scratching instincts. This innovative design provides ample scratching surfaces, offering various options to satisfy your cat's scratching needs effectively.

🍨Natural and Durable Sisal Material: Crafted from high-quality natural sisal, our cat scratching board ensures durability and longevity. The sisal material is resistant to scratching and remains intact over time, providing your cat with a durable and mess-free scratching experience.

🍊Interactive Spring Wire and Bell Toy: Attached to the cat scratching toy is an engaging spring wire adorned with a bell, creating an interactive toy to keep your cat entertained. This playful addition enhances the scratching board's appeal, encouraging your cat to engage in active play.

🔧Space-Saving Design: With its compact size, the cat scratching toy is an ideal space-saving solution for your home. Its versatile design allows you to place it in various areas, providing your cat with a dedicated space for both relaxation and play.

Dual Functionality: The cat scratching board serves as a multifunctional piece, doubling as a comfortable sleeping spot and an entertaining play area for your cat. Its versatile nature ensures that it meets your cat's diverse needs with convenience and efficiency.

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