Cactus Soft Cat Bed

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Size: S

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  • PP cotton + Plush
Size Diameter/cm Recommended/kg
S 40 ≤6kg
M 50 ≤10kg
L 60 ≤15kg


🌵 Elevate Your Cat's Comfort: Introducing our Cactus Cat Bed, a soft cat bed designed with a focus on exquisite appearance and convenience for your feline companion.

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🌟 Convenient Portability: This cute cat bed offers a portable design, ensuring easy carrying and placement wherever your cat desires their cozy spot.

🌬️ Anti-Static & Skin-Friendly Fabric: Crafted from an anti-static and skin-friendly fabric, this cat bed provides a comfortable and gentle surface for your cat's relaxation.

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💤 Enhanced Sleep Design: With its elevated bolster design, this soft cat bed offers added comfort, allowing your cat to rest peacefully in their favorite position.

🧵 Durable & Plush Feel: Constructed to be durable and wear-resistant, the Cactus Cat Bed provides a plush and soft touch, ensuring a cozy retreat for your furry friend.

cute cat bed

🛌 Dual-Fill Padding: With double the filling, this cat bed offers a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience, providing your cat with the utmost relaxation.

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