Space Scratching Board
Space Scratching Board
Space Scratching Board
Space Scratching Board

Space Scratch Toys for Cats

Style: Planet


Size: 53.5*45*25cm

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Material: Corrugared Paper, Solid Wood, Sisal

Size: 53.5*45*25 cm


🥥 Compact Size, Versatile Placement: The Space Scratching Board, a versatile cat scratching toy, fits into any room, providing a space-saving solution for different living environments.

⭐ Planet-Inspired Design: Enhance your cat's scratching experience with this board's unique planet design, adding cosmic charm that complements any home decor.

Space Scratch Toys for Cats2

🐱 Toy Ball for Endless Fun: Attached with a playful toy ball, the cute cat scratching post entices interactive play, ensuring hours of entertainment and self-amusement for your feline friend.

🍃 Durable Natural Sisal Material: Crafted from tightly wound natural sisal, this board withstands vigorous scratching, ensuring long-lasting durability and shape retention.

Space Scratch Toys for Cats1

🍇 Promotes Healthy Scratching Habits: The textured sisal surface encourages healthy scratching habits, providing an enticing and satisfying experience that redirects your cat's attention from furniture and carpets.

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