Fresh Stripe Knit Dog Sweater

Color: Red&Blue


Size: S - Recommended 1.5-2kg

S - Recommended 1.5-2kg
M - Recommended 2.5-3.5kg
L - Recommended 4-5kg
XL - Recommended 5.5-7kg
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  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
 Size S M L
Neck(cm) 20-25 24-30 26-32
Chest(cm) 29-34 36-44 39-47
Back length(cm) 21 25 29


Trendy and Stylish: Dress your adorable pup in our Fresh Stripe Dog Knitted Sweater and let them make a fashion statement with this trendy and stylish winter wear.

dog sweater vest

🧥 Knitted Comfort: Made from high-quality knitted fabric, this sweater provides warmth, comfort, and a soft touch, ensuring your pup stays cozy during colder weather.

🌈 Fresh Stripe Design: The vibrant and playful stripe pattern adds a pop of color and a touch of fun to your pup's winter wardrobe, making them stand out in style.

dog sweater vest

🌬️ Protection from the Chill: The sweater's insulating properties help shield your pup from chilly winds, keeping them snug and comfortable during outdoor activities.

🎀 Easy-to-Wear and Adjust: The pullover design with stretchable material allows for easy on and off, making dressing your pup a breeze.

🐾 Versatile and Functional: Whether it's a casual outing or a cozy indoor snuggle session, the Fresh Stripe Dog Knitted Sweater is suitable for various occasions.

dog sweater vest

❄️ Ideal for Layering: The lightweight yet warm construction of the sweater makes it perfect for layering with other winter accessories to create a personalized and stylish ensemble for your pup.

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