Leaking Food Teeth Safe Dog Chew Toys

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Material: Natural Rubber+ Plastic

Size: 13*6cm


🍉 Rubber-Plastic Fusion: The ingenious fusion of soft rubber and plastic enhances durability, ensuring optimal resistance to chewing. The texture is soft yet firm, offering flexibility without compromising your dog's teeth.

Leaking Food Teeth Safe Dog Chew Toys3

🌈 Chew and Clean: Innovative design with soft rubber chew toys for dogs and creative spikes aids effective teeth cleaning, removing plaque for optimal oral hygiene.

🌟 Leakage Design: Spark your dog's interest by placing treats inside. This leakage design not only adds excitement to play but also stimulates active teeth cleaning, embracing dental care in a playful manner.

Leaking Food Teeth Safe Dog Chew Toys 3

🍓 Mid-range Softness: Enjoy mid-range softness for a delightful chewing experience, ensuring the toy is safe for dogs' teeth.

🧼 Dental Health: Our rubber dog chew toys have a unique structure that encourages chewing, grinding, and teeth cleaning, contributing to overall dental well-being.

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