Toast Personalized Dog Bed

Size: S

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Material: PP Cotton + Non-woven
Cleaning method: Wipe, inner cushion machine washable

Size L*W*H Suitable for Pets
S 40*35*30cm  ≤3.5kg
M 50*42*40cm ≤8.5kg
L 58*45*42cm ≤12kg


🌟 Fluffy and Soft Comfort: Experience the perfect blend of comfort and durability with our fluffy dog bed. The fiber mesh and air-treated fabric create a plush yet supportive surface, offering your dog a cozy haven in the great outdoors.

Toast Personalized Dog Bed 1

🏡 Exclusive Territory Space: The dog cave bed provides your pet with an exclusive territory space to unleash their playful side. This secure and dedicated space allows them to roll and tumble freely, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed slumber.

🛌 3D Supportive Memory Foam: The integrated 3D supportive memory foam, complemented by a 2.5cm thick barrier, delivers resilient support, preventing sagging or collapse, and tailoring the bed to your dog's unique shape.

Toast Personalized Dog Bed 2

🌬️ Thermal Insulation Design: The crystal ultra-soft interior, featuring tiny air pockets, enhances insulation, creating a warm and inviting space. The fixed inner pad prevents shifting, while the non-slip bottom ensures stability in outdoor settings.

Toast Personalized Dog Bed

🚪 Spacious Entrance for Privacy: Our outdoor dog bed boasts a wide entrance with privacy, providing your pet with a secure and comfortable retreat. This feature enhances overall comfort and tranquility.

👜 Convenient Features: Designed for on-the-go convenience, the personalized dog bed bed includes a rabbit fur handle for easy transportation and a side pocket for storing toys and treats.

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